California Child Care System

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On January 23, the Learning Policy Institute released Building an Early Learning System that Works: Next Steps for California. This new report complements the Learning Policy Institute’s earlier report on early care and education (ECE), Understanding California’s Early Care and Education System, which provides a comprehensive overview of the state’s ECE system. The earlier report found that California’s ECE system is complex and fragmented, and fails to provide hundreds of thousands of children with the quality early learning experiences they need.


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A 10,000 feet view on how the money goes from top to us

CA Child Care System (p.6) 


I wanted to share the above money flow chart for everyone. So we know how we can work with different agencies.


Developing Inter-agency Collaboration


And the following are some random rabbit holes for curious leaders:

Research & Evaluation Services:

Declines in Small Businesses that Support Working Families


Not sure if you like reading research and extracting ideas. I think we can use those to our advantages in the future.



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