Our Projects

CFCCN Website Improvement Project: 
Met with and accepted invitation to collaborate with volunteer UX Designer, Huian (Anna) Li, to improve user experience with CFCCN Website.  Improvements will be based on data collected from FCCs that try our website.  The objectives will be to better help FCCs obtain the information they need, including more income after tax deductions, more opportunities to advocate for better laws, regulations and policies.  We also want to make website information available in more languages.

Safe Sleep Regulations: The Safe Sleep Regulations were approved by the Office of Administrative Law and effective as of August 19, 2020.  We had submitted many comments during the comment period.  Amendments were made that will allow assistants to help meet new requirements.  We were not successful in persuading the Department of Social Services to limit 15 minute sleep inspections to children under one year of age.  Some requirements are for infants under one year, some are for infants up to age 2 years and some are for all children in care.  To see the regulations that begin on page 10, go here.  To see new form required for infants under 12 months of age, go here.

Passage of SB234: Legislation was passed that will prohibit discrimination against FCC by landlords, homeowner's associations, cities and counties.  Effective 1/1/20, business licenses, zoning permits and business taxes/fees are now prohibited.  Fire permits for large FCC and Title 22 regulation requirements for all FCC are still in effect.

More Languages: We have written many letters to Licensing to ask for access to Licensing information in more languages.  We see that Licensing's regulation manuals have now been updated. English in September of 2020 and Spanish in April of 2020.  As of September, 2020, only the English version includes the new Safe Sleep regulations.  See our links to these manuals on our "Provider Resources" page.

QRIS: We are also involved in work that should lead to improvements for the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) in California.

FCC Campaign: In 2018, we offered a state-wide Family Child Care Campaign.

Annual Forums: We hold annual Forums and offer workshops and keynotes that will help FCCEs offer and sustain quality programs.

Facebook Pages:  CFCCN has both a public and a private Facebook page.    Click on here to view the public Facebook page.  Click here to request permission to join the private Facebook page.