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CFCCN leaders at 2022 NAFCC Conference
CFCCN leaders
Board members, committee chairs, founders and leaders:
(left to right) Sandra Siharath, Sandra Complido, Phillip Siharath, Marva Lyons, Yessika Magdaleno, Nancy Wyatt, Kathleenm Tostado Kenshur, Angela Siharath, Jeri Taylor, Toni Robertson, Alycia Villasano, Oscar Tang. (photo by Pyrena Hui)




Powerfully impact family child care by providing a highly effective state-wide network


Benefit children and the community by providing support, education and information related to quality child care


Children are reaching every aspect of their potential with prepared, valued and supported family child care providers

How to Contact Us:

Email: cfccnetwork@gmail.com

Mail: CFCCN, P. O. Box 23, Lafayette, CA 94549

Phone:  If you are interested in volunteering, you may call Nancy Wyatt at (818) 708-2354.

Our History

Our Bylaws

CFCCN Founders: Marva Lyons, Rosie Kennedy*, Arminta Dade* Donna Daly-Petersen, Glorious Jackson, Kay Paasche, Theresa Skrentny, Gloria Lyons*



Current Directors, Officers and Chairs:

Dr. Kathleen Tostado Kenshur, AKA "Katy" (San Diego): Director, President

KatyDr. Kathleen Tostado Kenshur“Katy” is a wife, mother of four children and 10 grandchildren with over 40+ years’ experience workingin the early childhood education field including operating an award-winning family childcare in Encinitas. She has a BA and master’s in early childhood education, a doctorate in Organizational Leadership in Education and is the president of the San Diego County Family Child Care Association, a FCC Representative for the of San Diego Child Care Disaster Council and a member of the NAFCC Public Policy Committee. She has dedicated her life to helping young children thrive socially and emotionally and achieve their educational potential. She is passionate about sharing her FCC research and her experiences with other early childhood educators and leaders through mentoring, trainings and educational workshops

Nancy Wyatt (Los Angeles County): 1st Vice President, Public Policy Chair, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Website, Data Security OfficerNancy Wyatt
I have been a family child care provider in the San Fernando Valley for 32 years, serving on several boards, advisory committees and my Local Planning Council.  I was the chair of the Family Child Care Models subcommittee for LAUP.  In 1994, I became a consultant, presenting workshops and publishing documents to support quality child care. One of my publications was distributed by the state for an accreditation project. I have done many FCCERS ratings for my local R&R.    I became interested in public policy when I was president of my local association and I have gone to several legislative hearings in Sacramento.  I joined CFCCN to support my colleagues in their quest for a strong state association that would make a real difference.

Sandra Siharath (San Francisco): Forum/Special Events Chair

Sandra joined the board as an associate director.  She is someone who cares deeply about the purpose and objectives of Sandra SiharthaCalifornia Family Child Care Network.  

Sandra supports the family child care work done by her parents, Angela and Phillip Siharath, and she attends and volunteers at family child care events.  She has received awards for her dedication to the San Francisco Bay Area community and is the Founder of the Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage and Musical Performing Arts organization.


Jeri Taylor (Fresno County): Director, Secretary, Association Outreach Chair

Things are always changing in child care and I think that it is important that family child care providers stay informed of what'sphoto Jeri Taylor happening in the child care field.  When a long-time mentor saw the list of board members and founders of this network, she said to me, "Look at this list.  This is a powerhouse of family child care providers!  They can really make things happen."  And that's why I'm part of this network.


Toni Robertson (Contra Costa County): Director, Treasurer

Toni is currently a Community Advocate (staff) for the Child Care Law Center.

I was a provider for 18 years before support family child care as the QualityToni Improvement Facilitator of my local R&R, CocoKids.  I have a burning passion for family child care and  I believe that it is one of the necessities of life today.  I was an alternate commissioner for 13 years for the First 5 Commission in Contra Costa County.  I served on several state and local boards and  I co-founded the county-wide family child care association in Contra Costa County.  I was the first president as its interim president for CFCCN.

 Deborah Corley Marzett (Kern County) Director           

I have been a family child care provider for 20 plus years.  I currently have a bachelor’s Degree in Business. And I am the vice president of the African American Child Care Providers Association of Kern County where everyone is welcome.  I was appointed to the Early Child Care Policy-Parent Advisory Council that works directly with Governor Gavin Newsom and his Staff Appointees.  I have been a member of SEIU Local 521 from the very start when they first began the campaign for Family Child Care Providers to become a Union. I have worked closely with the Department of Education in implementing policy changes that meet the needs of ALL Family Child Care Providers. As a Contact Negotiation Team Member, I will continue to fight for all CCPU Members as well as our Friends and Family Providers in assuring a fair and equitable contract that represents honor and respect for every Family Child Care Provider in California. Thank You.

Marialuisa Villasano, AKA "Alycia" (Fresno County): Director, Assistant Treasurer and Professional Development Chair

I am in Fresno County, have been in the early child care field for over 25 years, a family child care yprovider since 1999.  Through the years I have held seats and been involved in various boards, advisory committees, mentoring,  member of associations, locally, statewide and nationally.  As a life-long learner, continuously attending both virtually and in-person classes, workshops, conferences in order to improve my program and also share knowledge learned to my fellow providers. I believe that the more informed we are, the better we can serve children, parents and the community. For me, being proactive and promoting the importance of the family child care profession, is of the utmost importance.


Oscar Tang (San Francisco): Social Media Outreach Chair
I have started my early child education field by helping my mother for her family child care obusiness in 2011. After assisting my own family to promote our business, I assisted my aunts and my wife (Pyrena Hui) to start their family child care business as well. It is really inspiring to meet and learn more different experienced providers in the field. Since then, I have become more interested in child development and public policy about child education. I have worked in nonprofit and public sector for 7 years. Currently, I am a board member in Family Child Care Association of San Francisco and I work for California Resource and Referral Network. A lot of the time, I still consider myself as a young child,  enjoying playing and exploring in life. It is my honor and pleasure to contribute my knowledge and skills in information technology to work with all different talents in the group to grow CFCCN into a well-known and classy organization.

Yessika Magdaleno (Orange County): Director, Hispanic Outreach Chair


My name is Yessika Magdaleno, a Family Child Care provider in Orange County, California. I have 21 years working in this field, providing care in my community. I started this career to be able to stay with my children as I was pregnant with my second child Isaac. Thinking of giving the best to God, family, community, and friends. The desire to have a voice and be recognized as early childhood educators led me to work all these years tirelessly representing family child care providers. 

My program offers a variety of stimulating, developmental activities to children who are ready for them, such as music, alphabet games, pre-reading and pre-math. Our other offerings include dramatic play, story and sharing times, and sensory activities, just to name a few. We encourage children to use their imagination while creating artwork and expressing ideas on paper. 

I will encourage providers to get involved, participate, obtain knowledge, talk to other providers, be part of associations, support groups, unions and never give up. 

Here are some of the organizations I participate in:

  • The OC Child Care and Development planning council
  • Workforce development committee in Orange county
  • CAFCCN Hispanic chairperson
  • CAEYC Family Child Care Committee
  • OCCCA President and public policy chair
  • CCPU Peer advocate leader in 2001, Negotiation team committee 2019, Health Care and retirement  committee
  • Childcare Changemaker, an active member
  • Founder of Child Care Business Institute
  • Build up California infrastructure advocacy

Benu Chhabra (Contra Costa County) Director, Forum/Special Events Co-Chair, Leadershp Cafe' Committee Member

Benu is currently serving as president of her local association in Contra Costa County and she is bon the board for Cocokids. She has been a California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher since 2017. Benu speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. “I’ve been involved with advocacy at the local level for many years and would like the opportunity to be more involved at the state level, helping and supporting family child care providers of California.”


Alice Delagarza (Tulare County) Director, Membership/Newsletter Co-Chair, Public Policy Co-Chair, Association Outreach Co-Chair

After 20 years with Head Start, Alicia started her family child care in 2003. She majored in ADChild Development. She was a 2021 Rosie Kennedy Award recipient for her advocacy in Sacramento, for training providers on advocacy and for making connections with politicians and with great family child care providers. 




Liz Scully (San Mateo County) Director, FCC State List Project Manager and Committee Chair    

Liz Scully is a first generation Italian American who grew up in San Mateo, CA.  She has Lizover 20 years of experience working in the early childhood education field in San Mateo County. Throughout her career Liz has strived to contribute to impacting the growth of the childcare industry through effective organization, prioritization, and execution of key ideas and projects.  In 2007 she established Little Laughs Early Learning Program, a licensed family childcare and in 2022 she founded the rejuvenated San Mateo County Family Childcare Organization. Over the past 20 years in the field she has been an active member of many local, state and national associations and committees such as the San Mateo County Childcare Partnership Council, the California and National Family Childcare Associations and the National Children's Facility Network. Liz is a strong family childcare advocate that hopes to help educate the broader community and our local leaders to advocate for policies that support the childcare community, families and children in her county.