2018 Family Child Care Campaign

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In June of 2017, CFCCN leaders met with other family child care leaders by conference call and decided that we should have a state-wide family child care appreciation campaign.  There are plans to launch the campaign in January of 2018, when the California legislature is back in session.  CFCCN has volunteered to put campaign information on its website.  All California family child care providers and advocates should participate.  Watch "Our Projects" on our website for campaign flyers (in the development stage) and information about how to send photos and letters to legislators and agencies.  Spread the word to all the providers and FCC organizations in your area.  To help with the campaign, you may contact Nancy Wyatt: nancywyatt@sbcglobal.net

How to Participate in the 2018 Family Child Care Campaign

When?:  Beginning January of 2018

Who should participate?  Every family child care provider and every family and advocate that appreciates family child care.

What?: California's Family Child Care Educators (FCCEs) will be sending letters and photos to legislators and other public policy makers. 

Why?:  We want legislators and policymakers to know just how wonderful and essential family child care is for children, families and communities.  Whenever policies, standards, laws and regulations are proposed, family child care representatives should be at the table and family child care concerns should be addressed.

How?: You can send letters and photos by mail or by e-mail

1.  Write a letter for your state representatives. Click here for how.  Click here  and here for sample letters and here for a sample brochure.

2.  Take some photos showing off your wonderful program. 

3. Collect letters and photos from parents. 

4.  Get written permission to send children's photos to your representatives. release form here 

5. Make copies if you are mailing your letters. 

6. Get contact information for your representatives (see below). 

7.  E-mail or mail your letters and photos to these three: a) your state senator, b) your state representative, and c) CFCCN. 

CFCCN will send copies of your letters and photos to the governor, candidates and important committees. 

For more information or to help with the campaign, you may contact Nancy Wyatt at nancywyatt@sbcglobal.net


Family Child Care is Essential!